The Bradford Literature Festival and Me

Come and see me in Bradford! Do! They feed you like a king. They have panels packed so tightly with creativity that the excess slops over into the crowd, creating spontaneous recitals of poetry. All babies conceived that weekend are guaranteed Nobel Prize winners.

I myself will be eventing twice: both times on the Sunday.

At 10:30, I share the stage with Sarah Mussi, Kate Griffin and Steve Dearden. All are wonderful, but I am a huge fan of Kate Griffin in particular. You may have heard me rave before about her book, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, written under the name Claire North.  We'll be chatting about fantasy and Science Fiction. More information at the link below....

At 5:30pm, I'll be in discussion with Juno Dawson, Kirsty Logan and Anne C Perry about horror. I've only met Juno before and that was for something like 4 seconds. My impression was "energetic, witty, intelligent", and then, it was over. I can't wait to meet her again along with the rest of my fellow panelists. Check out their bios on the link below.