Yet Another Episode of the Podcast is Out Today

All I ever seem to do here these days is talk about the podcast. But fear not, there’ll be an exciting new project to discuss next year.

Today, I have made available the first half of my story, “The Evil-Eater”.

As always, you can find it on your favourite player or on my podcast page.

As even more always, a nice review would be appreciated if you enjoyed it.

A New Episode of the Podcast is Now UP

Today, I have made available “The Madman’s Ungrateful Child”. I’m trying to stick to Tuesday as my release day, but I was accidentally early this week. I hope you like it!

As always, you can find it on your favourite player or on my podcast page.

As even more always, a nice review would be appreciated if you enjoyed it.

Two New Podcast Stories are Now Live

Since the last time I posted here, I have uploaded two new stories, The Bag and Fairy Fort. The latter is a little gory, whereas the former is mostly just creepy. You can listen to both if you search for “CreepyCast” on your podcast application of choice, or play them online here.

Hear Me Roar!

I have just launched CreepyCast — my new PodCast. It will be a short series of 6 or 8 episodes, where I’ll be reading some of my own short-stories.

I have only now submitted it to iTunes and other Podcasting sites for distribution, so it may be another week or so before it’s available on general release, but in the meantime, if anybody is curious, you can listen to the first three episodes here.

Just in time for Halloween!

I'm Giving Away the New Wild Cards Book!

Hi folks,

 As promised, it’s competition time! I am giving away a copy of the spanking new Wild Cards book that is set in Ireland and the UK. If you have never read any of this series, do not despair, because this volume takes us right back to the early days of Wild Cards before zooming forward into modern times.

To win, you will have to answer the question in step 5 below. Do not put the answer in the comments, please.

And don’t worry too much about the other steps unless you’re some kind of lawyer :)

 The rules of the competition follow:

1) This competition is in no way endorsed by Facebook and will comply with all of Facebook's rules.

2) Anybody may enter who was not directly involved in the creation of this book.

3) The winner must be willing to provide a mail address somewhere on planet Earth.

4) I will sign the book to a specific person -- it is not to be sold on ebay or equivalent sites.

5) The competition is entered by answering the following question:

What is the name of my character -- or one of her names? You can find out by taking a quick look at the free sample on the Harper Collins site below:

To read the sample, you need to click on the “Read a Sample” button beneath the cover image. On my laptop, I had to use the direction keys to move from page to page.

You must send your answer to:

Don't send your snail mail address at this stage -- I will only need that from the winner.

6) If more than one person gets a correct answer, the winner will be picked with a random number generator. I use Google Assistant

7) The decision is final.

8) The draw will take place next week, because not everybody sees every post!