Five Book Giveaway -- US Only

For anybody in the US looking for a copy of The Invasion, there's a giveaway going on right now at this address:

Give it a go! You never know!

A New Giveaway

This is a reminder for members of The Call Facebook Group that we are running a new giveaway this week. Membership of the group is open to all. Details of the giveaway are here:

Today is Publication Day for The Invasion in Ireland and UK

Dear readers and friends -- you can be both, it's OK! It's better, even.

Today we launch The Invasion, the second and concluding volume in my series about the Grey Land and the Sídhe and multiple, horrible character mutilations. I hope you will consider getting a copy. If you do, it's best to read it in daylight, surrounded by loved ones.

The book is available right now in the UK and Ireland and possibly Australia and NZ too. My North American friends will be seeing it on 27 March.

Thank you all for your support. I'm sorry that the launch event in Dublin was eaten by the weather. The last time I tried to launch the second book in a series, the city was shut down due to the visit of a foreign dignitary and many people couldn't get in. But I've topped it this time with a blanket of snow!

Stay warm!

Launching The Invasion

The Invasion will be launching in Eason, O'Connell Street, Dublin at 6:30pm on 1 March. All are very welcome. I hope to do an event in London too some time in March. As for my friends and family in North America, you'll be seeing the book in stores on 27 March.

Thank you!


See Me in Bournemouth!

Blogger Kirsty Stanley will interview the wonderful Haley Barker and myself at the Waterstones Castlepoint store in Bournemouth on Saturday 30 September at 1pm.

Books will be signed! Friends will be made and all will be happy in the land forever more.

Come and join us!


There is a very tiny Facebook Group dedicated to The Call and I have decided to donate some prizes starting on 1 September. This happens to the the anniversary of the book’s launch in Dublin.

The first giveaway? I’m not saying what it is yet, but I can promise it will be both precious *and* rare. Everyone who is a member of the facebook group will be automatically entered no matter where they live in the world.

There will be another prize during the month of September and more at some indeterminate date after that. Heaven knows where it will all end!

Apologies to anybody who is not on FB. We work with what we have!

Where to See me at YALC

If you're like me and lucky enough to be attending YALC in London this year, why not stop by and say hello? I'm notoriously bad at names and faces. I say the wrong thing in conversation. I never know whether to offer a hug or to shake people's hands or throw them over my shoulders and parade them around the hall while everybody claps and cheers. But I will try my best to be civil and I *do* want to meet you.

So, where, oh where will I be?

On Saturday, I'll be sharing the stage at 3pm with brilliant writers to discuss Myth, Magic and Fairytale. An hour later, exhilarated and sopping with sweat, we'll all be signing our books. I will sign anything, by the way. I am left-handed and willing to scrawl my name backwards if you request it.

On Sunday -- is that even a real day? Who knew? -- I'll be hanging around. I'm not sure where yet, but I'll be available for Christenings, Bar Mitzvahs or coffee. What could possibly go wrong?

Come See Me at YALC in London

I'm lucky enough to be visiting YALC in London this year. I'll be on stage at 3pm on Saturday 29 July alongside Joanne Harris, Julia Gray, Laura Dockrill, Zöe Marriott and Deirdre Sullivan. Imogen Russell Williams will be making sure we all behave ourselves.

Come and see us! Get all your books signed. Engage with the coffee! It's at the Olympia on Hammersmith Road.